Friday, June 17, 2011

Titular Prefixes

These are thrown on largely for effect. They may also denote the relationship between the child's father and the person for whom the child is named. They are not considered names properly so called. So much so that it is dismissed as 'no name' should one introduce one's self with only the prefix.

Girls                     Meaning
Maame                Mother
Nana                  Grandmother
Ewura                   Lady

example  a girl born on Saturday and named after her father''s mother will be called Maame Ama.
Boys                               Means
Owura                                  gentleman
Nana                                   Chief/grandfather
Paa/Papa /
Paapa                                    father
Egya  [pronounced Eja']          father
example Boy born on Friday might be called Nana Kofi.

Note: When the prefixes Owura and Egya are used with Kweku, the day name is abbreviated resulting in Egyeeku  and Owureku

Day names are automatic. They may not be used officially but they are always known to the bearer and his family. In the first week of a child's life, they are usually referred to only by their day name until they are officially named and given their real personal name at their naming ceremony on the eighth day.

Day Boys Girls
Sunday Kwesi Esi/ Siisi/ Kwesiwaa
Monday Kodwo/Joojo/Jojo Adwoa
Tuesday Kobina/Kobena/Ebow Araba/Ewurabena
Wednesday Kweku/Kuuku/Yooko Ekua/Kuukua
Thursday Ekow/Kow/Kwaw Aba/Baaba
Friday Kofi/Fiifi/Yoofi Efua/Efe
Saturday Ato/Kwamena Ama /Amma/Amba


Welcome to this space. Ghanaian name guides; even in paper form, are not only  exceeding hard to find. they are virtually non-existent. Much of our colonial history was written by foreigners with the attendant misconceptions and misinterpretations, many of which were really quite well-meant. In our time let us not depend on others to immortalize our culture.

This blog is a work in progress. As and when I find new names, I will add on. A philanthropist with a starving family looks no less than foolish. Thus being Fante, it seemed to me meet to start with mine own. I will create other pages for other Ghanaian language names in time. If you know any names please, feel obligated to post them. Thanks to everyone who has contributed names and everyone who will. But most especially to my Junior high {JSS} Fante and cultural studies teacher-Mrs. Osei { University Primary School, Legon, Accra], who made me literate in my own language.