Friday, June 17, 2011

Day names are automatic. They may not be used officially but they are always known to the bearer and his family. In the first week of a child's life, they are usually referred to only by their day name until they are officially named and given their real personal name at their naming ceremony on the eighth day.

Day Boys Girls
Sunday Kwesi Esi/ Siisi/ Kwesiwaa
Monday Kodwo/Joojo/Jojo Adwoa
Tuesday Kobina/Kobena/Ebow Araba/Ewurabena
Wednesday Kweku/Kuuku/Yooko Ekua/Kuukua
Thursday Ekow/Kow/Kwaw Aba/Baaba
Friday Kofi/Fiifi/Yoofi Efua/Efe
Saturday Ato/Kwamena Ama /Amma/Amba

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